MBCM Lilydale

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Contact Details
Contact Name: Matt & Susie Smith
Address: 4/178 Mt Dandenong Road, Ringwood East 3135
Postal Address: PO Box 221, Lilydale 3140

Phone: 9876 9229
E-mail: info@mbcmlilydale.com.au

After hours emergency:
Owners are advised that in the event of an after hours emergency situation (particularly a plumbing, electrical or glass breakage) that they may call the maintenance company, TBS. TBS provides an after hours emergency service and can be contacted direct on 0418 362 023. (Please note, this number is an after hours emergency number and should only be used between the hours of 5.00pm and 9.00am). TBS is experienced in handling all types of Owners Corporation emergencies and will respond accordingly. For emergencies during normal office hours, please contact our office. Please note, Owners will be required to accept responsibility for charge(s) if the emergency is a unit owner responsibility and not that of the Owners Corporation.

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